Architect | John Pawson

Location | Tel Aviv

Product | Sleeve and Horizon by John Pawson

Year | 2021

To celebrate the jubilee of creating showrooms for over 60 years, Obumex opened a new location in Tel Aviv, where the space has been conceived and designed more as a home than a store. As a matter of fact, Obumex launched a reimagined version of the iconic John Pawson kitchen, a piece designed 25 years ago by the renowned architect.

Each project by Obumex has the same goal: to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that combines timeless elegance, sophisticated luxury, and comfort. The neutral colour palette and the simplicity of the design convey a sense of intimacy and warmth.

Rather than having many kitchens set up as in traditional showrooms, the concept here revolves around a single kitchen, with Horizon by John Pawson for WonderGlass taking centre stage over the kitchen table.

Meanwhile, Pawson’s Sleeve gracefully lightens up the space, balancing the lines of his distinctive architectural style.


Pictures by Amit Geron.