Gal Yam Penthouse

Architect | Ruth Arad

Location | Tel Aviv, Israel

Product | Flow[T] by Nao Tamura

Year | 2018

Gal Yam Penthouse, or Penthouse by the Sea, is an interior project by the architect Ruth Arad in a 3rd floor beachfront residential building overlooking the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean.

The penthouse owners aspired to a modern, yet timeless design that would blend local and foreign motifs by incorporating contemporary and authentic regional touches to take full advantage of their home’s stunning location – a calm space in which to reflect on and engage with the Mediterranean. And so it is. As you enter and move around the penthouse, the Mediterranean, in all its colours and changeability, is a constant and inspiring presence. The penthouse is located steps away from the beach and serves as a private oasis for its inhabitants as well as a unique place for hosting and entertaining their wide social circle comprising business people, friends, family, and fundraising events for charity.

Flow[T] by Nao Tamura perfectly blends in this aquamarine, Mediterranean, and contemporary interior, creating elegance and mirroring the sea colours.


Photographed by Gilad Radat.