Koszykowa Apartment

Designer | Goszcz Design

Location | Warsaw, Poland

Product | Flow[T] by Nao Tamura

Year | 2022

With an interior design project by Goszcz Design, this refined and elegant flat is located in a 19th-century Warsaw townhouse.

The project combines classic and modern outstanding design with tasteful materials and organic shapes. The simple form of the furnitures and colour selection of the decorations, range from bright to pastel, create playable room. Wood and earthy colours are paired with stucco and classic walls, becoming the perfect backdrop for a contrast between organic edges and geometric forms.

Paintings by Dorota Buczkowska work armoniously with artisanal touches and hidden combinations of forms and materials found in rugs, sofas, vases and lighting.

Subtle lines such as the one created by the coloured Flow[T] by Nao Tamura, enrich the interior aesthetic. The chandelier with its handmade qualities complements the open-space with a play of transparencies and green hues, matching the flowing curtains.


Photographed by Dariusz Jarzabek.