Select returns home, in the spaces of a former workshop in Cannaregio, 700 square meters of exposed beams, light, mosaics; Venetian craftsmanship all together, around the Pantone 200 C red of the aperitif invented a century ago by the young Pilla brothers, which entered for all and forever in the glass of the spritz, along with the ice cubes and the olive.

With Ca’ Select, on the Fondamenta della Madonna dell’Orto, the bottle with the blue and red label is back in the lagoon, with the focus on recreating that productive link, which is also material culture and people’s history, between a liqueur born in 1920 in the historic heart of Venice and its territory.

Designed by Marcante Testa studio, the space-laboratory is conceived in an almost museum-like function, celebrating the artisans who have made and are still making the history of Venetian manufacturing. The space is divided into four functional zones. The events area, dedicated to culture and sociality. The production area, with which a fundamental part of the bitter’s production has been brought back to the Lagoon, namely the maceration of some of the 30 herbs and spices in its recipe. The exhibition route, curated by Studio Fludd, which represents a journey through time between Europe and the Orient.

Lastly, the bar-mixology area is the centerpiece of the space. Marcante-Testa designed a magnificent bar counter, adorned in blue fused glass, a testament to the evolving glassmaking tradition of Venice. Brought to life by the skilled artisans of Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai, part of Made in WonderGlass group, these glass elements bear subtle grooves, reminiscent of the gentle undulations of the lagoon’s waters. The challenge presented to the team were the curvatures and borders, which needed to be crafted to perfectly adapt to the metal structure. Made in WonderGlass group also manufactured the glass and neon Select sign, engineering the metal and electrical part as well.

Ca’ Select is a celebration of the everlasting allure of Venice, a testament to the resilience of its heritage, and a homage to the master craftsmen who have shaped its identity.


Photographed by Helenio Barbetta.