Architect | Gert Wingårdh

Location | Linköping, Sweden

Product | Nasse by Marco Zito & BTM

Year | 2022

LINK Business Center was built by Lundbergs Fastigheter with a vision to create a new arena for people and businesses to meet, grow and develop. The distinctive white building, designed by renowned architect Gert Wingårdh, is a beauty from not only inside but also outside. The approx. 13,000 square meter property comprise houses, offices, an inviting lobby for meetings and networking, an auditorium and a new addition to the city’s restaurant selection.

The high-ceilinged and spacious lobby is spectacular with its exclusive floor inspired by a classic Italian square. An incredible craftsmanship, where 23,000 terrazzo tiles have been laid by hand in a fan-like pattern, giving a sense of being outside but inside. The amazing hand-blown lamps, Nasse by Marco Zito & BTM, enhance the Mediterranean feeling and nicely tie the interior and room space.

Photographed by David Einar Nygren.