Graft explores the dichotomy between the lived experience of domesticity and the intellectual ideals of architecture and design. The use of steel and cast glass adorned with handcrafted artistic Murano glass flowers serves as a juxtaposition, evoking childhood memories of home while questioning the rationality of Modernist ideologies. By addressing these themes, Graft pays homage to the humble handmade objects and decorative items of domestic life, ultimately shedding light on the enduring tension between personal experiences and design principles.

W 1700 x D 270 x H 1482 mm

Body | Cast Glass
Flowers | Handcrafted Artistic Murano Glass

Body | Crystal
Structure | Metal



Since founding the studio in 2009, Italians Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin have championed the need for value – laden advocacy merged with holistic design thinking. Their aim is to facilitate a deeper understanding of both our natural and built environments and to propose transformative interventions through design and its material, technical, social, and discursive possibilities. Working from their studio in Milan (Italy) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the practice embraces a broad spectrum of typologies and methods, from product design through spatial design, strategic planning and design consultancy. Whether designing to a client’s brief or developing self – initiated projects, the studio applies the same rigorous attention to context, process and detail. As a result, Formafantasma’s entire portfolio is characterised by a coherent visual language and meticulously researched outcomes. For Formafantasma, this crossflow of knowledge and experience taken from both their commercial contracts and their more autonomous projects has benefitted and informed the respective other. giving them a unique perspective of the design industry and of the industrial production.