Until proved otherwise by NASA astrophysicists in 2003, black holes were thought to be silent vacuum. But these chasms of pure gravity – punctured mouths in the fabric of spacetime – in fact radiate sound waves throughout galaxies, transporting energy for star formation. The sound of creation itself, this mystery of a symphony at such scale that it defies our imagining and, yet, lies always within our reach, is at the heart of Echoes by studiopluz. Bringing together glass discs, light and sonic phenomena, studiopluz creates a new sculptural lighting typology in soundscape – making a profound statement that flies in the face of cosmic loneliness. We were never alone. The universe – it sings. It sings to us.

Limited edition of 8 units + 2 Prototypes + 2 Artist Proof.

Ø 500 x W 1800 mm

Blown Glass disk, glass and plexiglass core

GLASS DISK | Silver Mirror
SPEAKER COVER | Black Polished
SPECER | Silver Chrome



Founded by Simone Zecubi in London in 2018, studiopluz is a multidisciplinary studio that creates works that seek to mix art with design. Spanning across mediums, the studio manipulates different mediums, such as video production, interior, and product design, fashion design, and art installations. Artistic works produced in collaboration with J&PEG Studio have been included in private collections, and exhibited in galleries including Castello Sforzesco, Castel dell’Ovo, Villa Reale Milan, MART Museum and Boghossian Foundation Bruxelles. Consultancy work has covered graphic design, visual design, and fashion design with a special focus on leading high-end brands including Chanel and Armani.