Location | Barcelona

Year | 2022

The Tiffany & Co. Barcelona flagship concedes to the majesty of this city ennobled by the free-flowing organic architecture of Gaudi and the unclouded brilliance of the Catalonia sun.

In paying tribute to the cultural dynamism of its locale, this home-away-from-home for the iconic brand finds opportunities for expressing the design heritage of Tiffany, honouring a number of the individuals who contributed to shaping its position as a cosmopolitan tastemaker in luxury jewellery.

Throughout, curvaceous silhouettes, rich textures and undulating forms stretch the full length of its soaring 15-foot ceilings. This sweeping verticality is tempered by the installation of a large-scale bespoke chandelier inspired by the brand’s jewellery designs of Jean Schlumberger from the late 1950s onwards. Here, the hand-hammered bronze rods ornamented with sparking celestial motifs refocus interest to the human scale, drawing sight-lines down from the lofty to the intimate, to rest at surface levels where Tiffany’s current collections are proudly displayed. A subdued tonal palette of flesh and jewel tones, blush and gold evokes the wistful and romantic atmosphere of these introductory spaces, designed specifically for clients making the pilgrimage to Tiffany so as to celebrate milestones of love and devotion.

Schlumberger’s aesthetic vernacular finds echoes throughout the sequence of gently delineated spaces, rooms and alcoves, lastly reaching a crescendo on the 12-foot-high custom glass doors leading to the Private Sales rooms. Here, WonderGlass’s fused and handblown glass artisans realised Tiffany’s design inspired by Schlumberger’s coveted Flame Earring, with inset iridescent almondine glass lozenges glittering against the door’s patinated gold and champagne undertones in a manner similar to the brand’s cloisonne portfolio. The exaggerated supernova motif is emphasised by the doors’ flanking fine-woven panels, extemporising on the sunburst form.