Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Architect | Kate Hume

Location | Hamburg

Product | Flow[T] by Nao Tamura

Product | Luma by Zaha Hadid

Year | 2017

Kate Hume’s project in Herzog and De Meuron’s building in Hamburg, Germany is a concert hall: the Elbphilharmonie. The building is conceived and formed by an intricate scheme of wake-like panels that create a never seen before façade.

The auditorium—the largest of three concert halls in the Elbphilharmonie—is a product of parametric design, a process by which designers use algorithms to develop an object’s form.

Flow[T] by Nao Tamura and Luma by Zaha Hadid, both pieces of WonderGlass collection, have been chosen for the interior decoration of the building by the architect Kate Hume. The cool and natural tones of these pieces create elegance and dynamism on the inside of a perfectly developed architectural project.


Photographed by Frans van der Heijden.