Architect | SUJONOHUN

Location | Singapore

Product | Momento by Nao Tamura

Year | 2019

The Cosmopolitan is a beautifully designed and unique condominium development situated in River Valley in Singapore. The development of this project was completed in the year 2008 and it offers all the facilities and features to make it a great addition to the city.

For the apartment situated inside the condo, the interior design project was developed by SUJONOHUN, a multi-disciplinary design practice whose goal is to craft a thoughtful and personalized experience through the space, material, and objects in an immersive interior environment.

The warm colour palette, beige tones, and natural materials such as wood and marble chosen for the interior are combined with the minimalism and elegance of glass in Momento by Nao Tamura to create a cosy and welcoming area.

The atmosphere, thanks to the light white curtains, becomes almost idyllic, infusing the space with lightness and brightness. The Japanese style is combined with warm tones and raw materials, presented in their essence and purity.

Nao Tamura’s Momento captures the fleeting beauty of the moment when a clinging bead of water becomes a droplet and transforms it into a source of light. Bringing a feeling of nature into this space, Momento gives life to its special light effect on the wooden table: circular reflections enriching the raw surface and creating a calm and relaxing ambiance.


Photographed by Fabian Ong.