Architect | New World Development

Location | Hong Kong

Year | 2018

Housed in the glamorous Rosewood Hong Kong hotel, Darkside takes its name from the colloquial moniker for the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, where the Rosewood is located. Taking inspiration from dark overall, Dark-side focuses on dark spirits, cigars, and chocolate which, when combined with the live music, makes for an altogether elegant experience. A fantastic view over Victoria Harbour and high-end art adorning the walls works in synergy with the bar’s soundtrack of nightly vocalists of varying genres.

The space itself is a striking medley of world-class design elements, transporting guests to a different era with a seamless marriage of custom furnishings and sumptuous decor. WonderGlass manufactured and engineered the self-moving ceiling installation which was designed specifically to enhance the Dark Side Bar of the Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong. WonderGlass was involved in this installation from the art direction to the engineering.

Handcrafted in Murano, the perpetually rotating hourglass ceiling installation captures the romantic passage of time, marking it in both a playful and solemn way. The sand used for the hourglass is pigmented with a selected colour palette to compliment the atmosphere of the bar.