The Triple Folly

Client | Kvadrat

Architect | Caruso St John Architects

Artist | Thomas Demand

Location | Ebeltoft, Denmark

Product | Accordion 3 by Thomas Demand

Year | 2022

The Triple Folly is Kvadrat’s visionary building at their HQ, co-created by celebrated artist Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects.

High-end textile brand Kvadrat is shedding fresh light on the dynamic between architecture and art – a Gesamtkunstwerk – with the opening of The Triple Folly, a sculptural hospitality and conference venue at their HQ in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

A Gesamtkunstwerk is a ‘total artwork’ that unites different forms of art, design, and craft to create a cohesive whole in which various elements seamlessly complement each other. The Triple Folly embodies this harmonic approach: working closely together from the onset, Thomas Demand and Caruso St John architects co-developed the interior’s defining features, including surfaces, chairs, tables, lamps, and even the door handles.

Accordion 3 by Thomas Demand is the newest light fixture produced with WonderGlass. Its shape follows the logic of paper: simple geometric forms paired with the beauty of purpose.


Photography by Nic Tenwiggenhorn