Architect | Gardera-D

Location | Paris

Year | 2019

Hélène Darroze reopened her restaurant in 2019 after several months of refurbishment. Elegant, cosy décor, subtle, delicate cuisine in a single, seasonal menu that has not forgotten southwest France, so dear to her heart.

WonderGlass designed the 155 glass tiles for the refurbishing of this French haute cuisine restaurant, based on specifications from the architects.

Positioned in the entrance, the panel is characterised by curved tiles conveying a dynamic effect, enhanced by the intense amber colour tone created specifically for the project.

Throughout the design process, samples were created and sent to the architects for review, allowing them to select the final shape, dimension, and colour and keeping them deeply involved in the development from concept to final product. Combining WonderGlass’s expert knowledge of glass manufacture with the architect’s vision of a piece that fits into the desired warm and elegant atmosphere created an optimum design solution and ensured the customers’ satisfaction with the result.


Photographed by Jean-Marc Palisse.