Shape of Gravity

Shape of Gravity is an exhibition of works by nendo for WonderGlass, featuring the Melt collection. The exhibition will also showcase the launch of a new gravity-formed cast glass chandelier, completing the family of Melt products. The 2.5-metre chandelier features sparkling glass, seemingly floating in the air, that when lit creates a shimmering effect with light bouncing from one piece to the next to provide gentle illumination that details the rippling texture.

The creation of Melt was a unique and complex production. Oki Sato from nendo was inspired by watching the craftspeople in WonderGlass’ workshops working with molten, melted glass. His intention thereafter was to allow the material to direct the design process. This resulted in a method of laying hot glass sheets over steel shapes, then suspended between steel bars to allow the natural drape of the material to reveal its form.

“I was inspired by looking at the workshops, looking at the artisans coordinating their moves around the melted material. The main idea is to accept the flow of gravity and use the weight of glass to design itself. In a way, doing less and achieving more is the most complicated thing to do.”


Photographed by Leonardo Duggento.


Melt Edition | nendo
Melt Collection | nendo


PUBLIC DATES: 9th April 2019 – 12th April 2019

LOCATION: Istituto dei Ciechi, Milan, Italy