WonderGlass: What were the main sources of inspiration that drove your creative process in designing Barene?

Studio Nucleo: ‘Barene’ project draws inspiration from the submerged tabular terrains in the Venice Lagoon. These ecologically vital lagoon islands, once crucial to Venice’s existence, continue to play a significant role in promoting water exchange, limiting tidal impact, and providing habitats for unique vegetation and birdlife.

WonderGlass: The Venetian ecosystem, particularly the disappearing salt marshes, served as inspiration for Barene’s design. Could you share how you translated the essence of these landscapes into the product?

Studio Nucleo: Through the collaboration with ISPRA, which monitors changes in the Venice Lagoon using satellite images, the project takes its shape. ISPRA’s use of the ‘Minimum Bounding Geometry’ tool in ArcGIS allowed for a comprehensive evaluation of the shape variations in the barene over time with convex polygons (FIG5).

WonderGlass: What drove you to express glass in such a modular way?

Studio Nucleo: ‘Barene’ project finds its creative genesis in the resulting aerial views. The colored lines, originally created by the ‘Minimum Bounding Geometry’ tool in ArcGIS to describe the perimeter of the islands with approximated complex polygons, have now evolved into a unique and sustainable ‘Barene’ colored brick. Utilizing the least common multiple to represent the shape of these islands with convex polygons, the transformation of these lines gives rise to the mesmerizing and sustainable ‘Barene’ colored brick.

WonderGlass: What do you think it’s the impact of the glass brick on contemporary design and architecture?

Studio Nucleo: Glass bricks have significantly impacted contemporary design and architecture, offering aesthetics, natural light, structural versatility, acoustic insulation, and creative opportunities. Our project focuses on sustainability, made from 100% recycled Murano glass, and each brick’s color depends on the availability during production, making each piece unique and promoting eco-friendly design.

WonderGlass: How does Barene encourage reflection on the relationship between humans and nature?

Studio Nucleo: ‘Barene’ offers more than just aesthetics and visual appeal. Its use of glass, combined with the flexibility of its shape, allows for the construction of sustainable objects. By creating ‘Barene,’ Studio Nucleo aims to symbolize the ecological importance of these submerged islands while also demonstrating the potential of sustainable design in contemporary architecture. The project serves as a reminder of the harmonious coexistence between human innovation and nature’s resilience, echoing the legacy of Venice’s founders and their connection with the barene.