At Euroluce, WonderGlass is pleased to launch Calimero by Dan Yeffet, a surprising yet familiar chandelier. Calimero sets a style of expression, an homage, a delicate and valuable coexistence. A series of suspensions where the material touches and hugs, but never goes out. Calimero looks towards the future and seduces with the reminiscence of machinery – a tribute to industrial lamps as well as luminous spheres from the past.

Showcased alongside Calimero is Masquerade by Jaime Hayon inspired by the extravaganza of the Venetian Carnival, Grappa by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Sleeve by John Pawson, and Momento by Nao Tamura. Completing the show is WonderGlass’ iconic Flow[T] with the launch of two new forms which continue to widen the range of possible iterations.

The new creations testify to the relentless focus on the quality, coupled with the ongoing exploration of new frontiers which defines WonderGlass. These products join an already outstanding collection, confirming WonderGlass’ affirmation to be driven by projects, bespoke ideas, and editions.


Calimero | Dan Yeffet
Masquerade | Jaime Hayon
Momento | Nao Tamura
Flow[T] | Nao Tamura
Grappa | Claesson Koivisto Rune
Sleeve | John Pawson


PUBLIC DATES: 14th April 2015 – 19th April 2015

LOCATION: Milan Fairgrounds, Rho, Milan, Italy