WonderGlass celebrated the opening of their new London showroom and gallery space in the design district of Fitzrovia during the London Design Festival 2018. To mark the opening, WonderGlass invited London-based design duo Raw-Edges to curate their first installation.

The new headquarters in the design district of Fitzrovia features a gallery showcasing classic and new collections, as well as samples to showcase the capabilities of the WonderGlass artisans. Curated by design duo Raw-Edges the first installation features their iconic work Horah, crafted and engineered by WonderGlass. The collection displayed in the space is a selection from the limited-edition series reflecting on the theme of light in dialogue with one of the essential aspects of contemporary living: sociability. Inspired by Horah, the Israeli dance, Raw-Edges explore an ongoing theme of repetition with a lighting installation that is imbued with an essential quality in the dance: conviviality.

Each lamp features curving glass “leaves” attached to a pivoting motor; the glass sections are expertly composed using glass casting techniques. Light is concealed at the centre, creating a gradient of illumination. Also featured in the space will be glass compositions and unique prototypes showcasing the skills of the WonderGlass workshops in the Venetian region.

Designed by architect, Massimo De Conti, the showroom is inspired by the galleries of Lower Manhattan, mixed with the buzz of London’s Fitzrovia, where the new showroom and gallery are located, as well as reflecting the essence of the WonderGlass DNA. Founders Maurizio and Christian Mussati comment: “Since launching in 2013, WonderGlass has been looking forward to creating a space where the company can showcase our collections and experiment with new possibilities. The gallery envelopes our DNA as artisans to provide tailor-made solutions with the transparent material of hand-blown glass, cast glass, and all its bespoke variations.”


Horah | Raw-Edges


PUBLIC DATES: 19th September 2018 – 21st September 2018

LOCATION: WonderGlass Showroom, London, United Kingdom