WonderGlass is born: the magic of glass meets the dream of light.

Using glass and light, WonderGlass transcends the boundaries of tradition to experiment with exclusive, avant-garde working techniques resulting in the creation of bespoke items and macro installations. The hallmarks of the company are innovation, artisanship, the magic of design and colour, versatility, and originality meshed with unparalleled Italian craftsmanship. WonderGlass is a network that blends renowned Italian artisan traditions with the vision of famed designers of our times. WonderGlass embraces the traditional technique of glass blowing, using its special recipe to transform it into a sensual, innovative product. Though focusing firmly on contract and project, it has not forgotten the world of limited editions.

The new brand offers surprising masterpieces in cutting-edge glass, creating a unique dialogue between Venice – a landmark destination and the cradle of an age-old civilisation – and the global, cosmopolitan atmosphere of today’s world. For the official launch of the brand, WonderGlass in Milan drew upon the time-honoured experience of Venetian master glass blowers and the contemporary touch offered by artists and designers of international renown, capable of interpreting the beauty of glass in a spectacular, innovative manner paired with the most advanced technological research on lighting.

The WonderGlass products showcased at the 2013 Salone del Mobile trace an imaginary journey through Venice. Reflections of light are multiplied on the waters of the lagoon, while unexpected shapes amaze with their intricate creativity.

Jaime Hayon stages a contemporary carnival with traditional masks, Nao Tamura encounters a multitude of buoys floating on the horizon, while nendo (Collaboration Bisazza–WonderGlass) uses light to describe the appearance of shadows lurking behind the hidden corners of Venetian “calle”, whereas Zaha Hadid (Collaboration Established & Sons–WonderGlass) creates a flock of crystals. WonderGlass chandeliers transport us into a fantastic, enchanted world of marvels.


Swarm | Zaha Hadid
Komori | nendo
Flow[T] | Nao Tamura
Masquerade |Jaime Hayon


PUBLIC DATES: 9th April 2013 – 14th April 2013

LOCATION: Istituto dei Ciechi, Milan, Italy


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