WonderGlass presents the Nasse Collection in collaboration with Marco Zito and BTM.

Nasse is a dreamlike collection of luminous glass objects that draws inspiration from the Venetian lagoon where the tradition of fishing with nets is still practised. A microcosm made up of lights and colours that define the landscape in various environmental situations, most particularly, during the morning, in high summer, in the depths of winter, engulfed in fog, and at sunset. Taking these conditions as inspiration, BTM and Marco Zito have designed a collection of large luminous objects that seem to emerge from the water. Looking to evoke the energy of a lagoon, the pieces are created out of intricately shaped hand-blown glass, whilst the unconventional use of fishing nets emphasises the play of light within the pieces.

The collaboration between BTM and WonderGlass was born out of a shared vision and passion for glass. This vision both explores and systematically pushes the boundaries of the material by uniting the design world with skilled artisans and master glassmakers to produce unexpected and beautiful creations.

The shared interest will be realised in an annual project, during which the BTM space and workshop in Murano will open to the public for selected events, hosting some of the most interesting products in the WonderGlass catalogue.


Photographed by Studio Pointer.


Nasse | Marco Zito & BTM


PUBLIC DATES: 9th September 2019 – 16th September 2019

LOCATION: BTM Space, Murano, Italy