The Brick House

For the concluding phases of WonderGlass’s presence at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the brand presents HOUSE OF GLASS: THE BRICK HOUSE. Echoing the Biennale’s theme of reshaping the future and forging a cutting-edge path forward, the exhibition showcases the remarkable evolution of the glass brick, presenting a journey through architecture and design built upon a rich heritage of glass craftsmanship.

THE BRICK HOUSE is a laboratory-exhibition – a dynamic space where the art of storytelling, production processes, and project narratives converge. Within the framework of THE BRICK HOUSE, the event not only presents the culmination of the creative exploits of craftsmen, designers and architects, but also serves as an opportunity to weave narratives that intricately detail the journey of production and the essence of each project. These stories shine a light on the evolving tapestry of WonderGlass’s artistic identity.

Against the backdrop of this distinctive laboratory-exhibition, an array of glass brick applications takes center stage, each one representing a facet of innovation and imagination, showcasing once again the transformative prowess of glass, and the people who shape its future everyday.



Barene | Studio Nucleo

Chain | Bethan Laura Wood

Minosse | studiopluz

Qaammat Unesco World Heritage | Konstantin Ikonomidis


PUBLIC DATES: 7th September 2023 – 14th September 2023

LOCATION: Palazzo Donà dalle Rose, 5038 Fondamente Nove, 30121 Venezia