In an increasingly fast, chaotic, and constantly moving world, slowing down and becoming more intentional has turned into a necessity. This concerns not only slow living but especially slow design: both empower the creation of new values towards living a more mindful life, where experiences and objects are appreciated at a different pace in order to improve awareness and well-being. Longevity and quality over speed and quantity.


After the mass production age, the impact of overproduction and the use of excess resources have had on the planet, human beings are now concerned with investing in unique and artisanal pieces that will not only support local craftsmen and their talent but also that will stand the test of time. WonderGlass advocates for ‘slow design’, with production based only on made-to-order products.


We produce less, but we produce better.


‘Slow design’ is created to last and adjust to different environments, ages, and contexts. It is enriched by the traditions, the materials, and the techniques that made it unique in the first place. WonderGlass engages in a thoughtful and deliberate design process in terms of craftsmanship. The products in its collection, designed by renowned contemporary creatives and manufactured by expert glassmakers, are fully slow-made goods. They all take into account local culture as a source of inspiration, research, and contemplation. The company also consistently works on bespoke projects, from glass fa├žades to one-of-a-kind art installations, from bespoke furniture to architectural projects where glass plays a central role. By incorporating artisanal creations in projects of any scale, WonderGlass delivers tailored and timeless solutions using technologies and materials that support local industries, workshops, and craftspeople.


We want to bring clients to care about the history behind the objects they choose to bond themselves with, the profound meaning that characterizes them, and the memory of the people and the places they were made from. Venetian glassmaking traditions date back to the 8th Century, born from the intersection between Roman experience with the skills learned from the Byzantine Empire. Trading with the Orient, Venice emerged as a prominent glass-manufacturing centre, rapidly gaining monopoly power in manufacturing and selling quality glass throughout Europe that lasted for centuries.


When you choose a product from the WonderGlass Collection or we manufacture a bespoke solution for you, years and years of history and experience are imbued in that single object, in each precise movement that the master glassmaker has made, in the time invested into crafting that piece, resulting in a pure expression of authenticity. This not only brings an artisanal aesthetic, but it is a profound sustainable choice that also supports art forms that would, otherwise be lost to mass production.


By celebrating traditional heritage, handcrafted quality, and the use of locally sourced raw materials, WonderGlass enables glass to take on its optimal shape with continuously conscious research on innovation and meaning.