London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence

WonderGlass celebrates the resilience of the Venetian glass sector at The Venice Glass Week 5 – 13 September 2020, with London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence an exhibition of new works by John Pawson, Industrial Facility, Ross Lovegrove, Tom Dixon, and Bethan Laura Wood.

In celebration and support of the resurgence of the Venetian glass sector after months of closure due to Covid-19, WonderGlass will present new works by a number of British designers at The Venice Glass Week from 5 – 13 September 2020. Titled London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence, the exhibition is a demonstration of kinship between the two cities, and a show of support from British designers to the craftspeople of Venice. Featuring designs by John Pawson, Bethan Laura Wood, Industrial Facility, Ross Lovegrove, and Tom Dixon, the exhibition is a message of hope, and reconnection with people, partners, peers, and friends. London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence shows that the long-established artisanship and “savoir-faire” of the Venetian glass sector still pulses strong.


Photographed by Studio Visus.


Chain | Bethan Laura Wood
Slump | Tom Dixon
Oneness | Ross Lovegrove
Horizon | John Pawson
Floor Horizon | John Pawson
Plateau | Industrial Facility


PUBLIC DATES: 5th September 2020 – 13th September 2020

LOCATION: New Murano Gallery, Venice, Italy


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