Physalis by Cristina Celestino for WonderGlass was presented at the Light Blowing Festival, a celebration of the complexity of lighting within hand blown glass, as part of Venice Glass Week.

Physalis, designed by Cristina Celestino is inspired by the delicate process of harvesting fresh flowers for drying. Celestino was particularly interested in the Physalis variety of flowering plants, which stand out for their characteristic lantern shape. An ephemeral organic architecture consisting of a very light and impalpable envelope.

Physalis is blown by WonderGlass’ master glassmakers using Pulegoso glass of Murano. The pieces range from warmer pink tones to semi-transparent whites, just like the flower with its traditionally desaturated palette. The glass replica is composed of pale pink glass, filtered by the texture of the bubbles enclosed in it. The glass externally is almost imperceptible, delicate, and shiny, consisting of three fruits hanging sweetly on a branched metallic stem, lit up with impalpable light.


Photographed by Cristina Galliena Bohman.


Physalis | Cristina Celestino


PUBLIC DATES: 9th September 2018 – 30th September 2018

LOCATION: Fondaco Marcello, Venice, Italy