Art Meets Architecture

The magical atmosphere of WonderGlass is back in Milan and ready to make visitors fall in love again with its dreamlike visions made from glass. For the first time, the cutting-edge brand showcases both at Euroluce in Fiera and at Istituto dei Ciechi, the Italian Palazzo that has witnessed the birth and rise of WonderGlass.

As an ongoing pursuit of design excellence and original ideas, WonderGlass, through the new collection, invites the world’s creative minds to make use of this special treatment of design. Many designers strive to create a perfect combination of knowledge and intuition. WonderGlass wants to satisfy this goal of coupling fantasy and interactivity, the tangible with the intangible.

WonderGlass’ exhibition at the Istituto celebrates simple elements made elegant by the unique know-how of both material and form.

Nao Tamura interprets an immediate dialogue between nature and technology. Her new creation, Momento, captures the very moment of a water drop falling from a leaf, freezing that instant of ephemeral beauty and turning it into a source of light.

Zaha Hadid Design endorses the traditional techniques of glass craftsmanship to explore solutions for futuristic and stylish projects. This seamless dialogue of subtle and elegant refractions onto organic surfaces is magnified by the presence of Swarm, a statement piece signed by the London-based studio.


Photographed by Davide Calafa.


Luma | Zaha Hadid
Momento | Nao Tamura
Swarm | Zaha Hadid


PUBLIC DATES: 14th April 2015 – 19th April 2015

LOCATION: Istituto dei Ciechi, Milan, Italy


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