Rise and Drift

WonderGlass celebrates Maison & Objet 2017 with the installation Rise and Drift by Hideki Yoshimoto from Tangent, which focuses on the organic shapes of water bubbles and the refraction of light. Hideki Yoshimoto has also explored the complex way light transmits and reflects inside different materials.

WonderGlass also previewed Luma by Zaha Hadid – a sculptural composition of tubular segments that subtly diffuse light through organic shapes which effortlessly celebrate the unrivaled logic and beauty found in nature. Each individual segment in the piece has been handblown in Murano.


Photographed by Simone Zecubi.


Rise | Hideki Yoshimoto
Drift | Hideki Yoshimoto
Luma | Zaha Hadid


PUBLIC DATES: 20th January 2017 – 24th January 2017

LOCATION: Parc des Expositions, Allée des Érables, Paris, France


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